Lessons in Temptation by Charlie Cochrane

Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 5

Samhain Publishing

Gay Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60504-845-1

Reviewed by Cassie




When Jonathon “Jonty” Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith take a trip to Bath, they expect a brief holiday interspersed with some work for both of them.  Orlando has to evaluate some mathematics books, and Jonty is trying to finish his book on Shakespeare.  They don’t expect that one of Jonty’s old friends will be directing a performance of Macbeth—or that he’ll be obviously attracted to Jonty.  Worst of all, Jonty finds himself tempted.  When they stumble onto an old mystery, Orlando’s raring to solve it.  Can the Cambridge fellows find the murderer, finish their university work, and stay true to each other?

Lessons in Temptation is another enjoyable installment of the Cambridge Fellows series.  Even after two years together, Jonty and Orlando are still very much in love.  Charlie Cochrane once again does a nice job of conveying their love in a sweet, understated way.  Orlando has really come out of his shell since meeting Jonty, and it shows in this book.  He still has moments of insecurity, though, and I really felt for him several times over the course of the story.  Jonty’s sweetness and wicked humor haven’t changed a bit, nor has his friendliness.  Unfortunately, his friendly nature gets him into a bit of trouble in Lessons in Temptation.  Jonty’s conflict over his attraction to his old friend was realistic, but at times I wanted to smack him for upsetting Orlando (What can I say?  I love Orlando!).  The mystery itself, while lacking the excitement of a more recent case, had a few twists and turns to keep it from being too easy to unravel.  The cast of secondary characters was full of fascinating people, including witnesses, friends, and family.  The Bath setting was well-drawn and interesting.  Fans of the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries will definitely want to pick up Lessons in Temptation.  Anyone who wants to start off with the series would be much better off picking up Lessons in Love to fully understand the relationship between Jonty and Orlando.


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