Leftovers by Treva Harte

Loose Id

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60737-483-1

Reviewed by Cassie




For years, Emerson has tried to be content with rare visits from Paul, a former lover he still adores.  Once, they were partners in work and life, but since then Emerson has become a homebody, while Paul, a musician, has toured and gained fame.  On Thanksgiving, Paul and their friend Liz come to Emersonís home for dinner as usual, and Emerson hopes to spend some time with Paul while theyíre in town.  He doesnít expect anything more, especially since heís been hiding something from Paul.

For his part, Paul is weary of only seeing Emerson once or twice a year.  After all this time, heís ready to commit, if he can show Emerson theyíre meant to be together.  Will he still feel that way when Emersonís secret is revealed? 

Leftovers packs a surprising emotional punch for a novella.  Treva Harte does an excellent job of dealing with Emersonís secret (which I wonít reveal here, but itís not the typical kind of secret, so expect to be surprised).  Emerson is a sweet, caring man who wants whatís best for others and doesnít think so much about himself.  Heís never really seen himself as worthy of love.  He takes whatever scraps he can get and tries to be content with them.  Paul, on the other hand, has musical talent, an outgoing personality, and enjoys new things.  He cares for Emerson, but for years he kept their relationship in a holding pattern of rare togetherness followed by long separations.  Now heís tired of that, and ready to show Emerson they can be together for real.  Paul came across, at first, as a bit spoiled, but as the story progressed he showed how much he was willing to put himself on the line for Emerson.  Leftovers is a lovely story of coming home, and finally seeing whatís been in front of you all along.  I enjoyed it immensely.


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