Leading Her to Heaven by Kayleigh Jamison

Tease Publishing


ISBN: 987-1-934678-44-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Lady Susanna Cavendish would much rather spend the day reading books from long-dead scholars than spend time at the court of Henry VIII.  For years it would seem the infamous monarch has forgotten her.  As the daughter of an English Earle, her dream of whiling away hours immersed in her books comes to an end.  She is contracted by the king to marry a Scottish barbarian!  Blair Ruthven may be a Duke but he comes from a family of ruthless assassins!

From the first moment Blair sees Susanna his plans are carnal.  The only thing he wishes to kill is her virginity and anyone seeking to harm her.  Susanna isnít certain if what she feels for Blair is love but she is willing to try to make the best of their situation.

Leading Her to Heaven has an old-fashioned appeal that charms its way into your heart.  Susanna, Blair, friends and foes are handled with old school romantic precision with lots of contemporary touches.  The more traditional aspects donít detract from the very modern heft of the historical research and the blazing inferno of each sex scene.  Kayleigh Jamison has a wicked imagination, and is rapier quick with words.  She has a knack for candid, tantalizing descriptions, and is quite bold with her use of adjectives and verbs.  This author is skilled at developing characters that are vivid if sometimes a shade overdone with a few larger-than-life traits.  One villain in particular is an example of this kind of excessiveness.  As the story progressed, he seemed more and more to fit into the role of comedy relief at times.  It does add contrast to other characters and assists readers into seeing them more clearly.  The setting and historical details make it all very authentic.  For instance, Susannaís reading list is mentioned by subject and title.   Also, many of the political views from both the English and Scottish POV are interwoven into daily life convincingly.  I only wished that the author had translated many of the Celtic words and phrases that are liberally sprinkled into the dialogue.  You get the gist of it but it leaves you feeling left out.  All in all, the weight of this novel is how well the historical aspects are used, and how much you come to enjoy and understand Susanna and Blair.  Besides, who can resist a handsome Highlander?


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