Knight Stalker by Lora Leigh

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419925795

Reviewed by Lisa




Fighting evil in the form of his father, brother, and uncle for more decades than he cares to remember, Cadan Gaelan sometimes wearies of the battle.  But, fate has intervened again and brought him to the one woman who completes him in more ways than one.  Cadan is host to two symbiots, a male named Aldon he’s bonded to and for the moment a female named Cerise.

Bliss St. Clair thinks she’s stumbled into some kind of nightmare.  She spies Cadan sinking his fangs and himself into a woman which disgusts and arouses her, and then Cadan tells her about symbiots and her possible role as a host.  Although he is reluctant to bring Bliss into his world and the inherent danger Cadan doesn’t think he has a choice. Not only does he desperately want her for himself, his father would like nothing better than to have a viable female host.   Somehow he has to be strong enough to give her the options and protect her from himself and others as she makes her decision.  Time is running out.

Author Lora Leigh unveils a unique story with her own version of sexy vampire lore in Knight Stalker.  In this complex tale the humans are hosts to off world symbiots and it is these ‘others’ who require blood, through their hosts.  Cadan is an embattled hero both internally and externally, trying to always do the right thing.  He wants to keep Bliss out of it all, but how do you walk away from the person who’s the perfect partner?  Bliss is frightened and thrilled by Cadan’s attention.  She’s trying to be logical but running on emotions and a strong sexual pull.  The whole symbiot/host thing is explained, yet I never felt like all the pieces of this unique storyline fit together perfectly.  Knight Stalker is very sensuous, the characters are intriguing, however the plot itself isn’t quite as smooth as one would hope.


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