Kitten by Amanda Sidhe

Dominant Blood, Book 3

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 9781419923746

Reviewed by Lisa




An indescribable feeling of want, of desire drives Jamie to a local bar where two men named Mace and Archer are waiting.  Only they aren’t men – they are vampires who have summoned a human to serve them, sexually.

They rename her Kitten and plan to keep her to themselves until their sire, Deacon arrives on the scene.  Deacon has plans for her whether Kitten agrees or not.

Kitten is a gift wrapped sexual marathon ménage a trios.  This is a tale of sensual servitude under a master’s dominance.  While there is a definite plotline, I didn’t feel as if the characters, including Jamie, had any emotional connection toward each other. The heart is missing completely in this fast paced tale.  For those who want sweaty and sticky overriding everything else, Kitten is the story for you.


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