Kilted Lover by Nicole North

Red Sage

Contemporary Erotic Romance plus Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-60310-395-4

Reviewed by Klarissa




Spending time at the Scottish Games in Charleston, Leslie Levingston doesn't expect to be harassed over a necklace her grandmother had given her.  But that's exactly what happens, until a tall, sexy kilt wearing Scot intercedes.  While Leslie's boyfriend is off playing golf, Leslie is embarking on an adventure with Scott, the handsome Scot who ends up saving her life.  Neither one wants to be attracted to the other.  Leslie because she has a boyfriend and Scott because he knows she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to be the cause of a breakup.  The situation brings back memories of his own horrible breakup with his fiancé.  Yet fate has other plans for these two and Scott must keep Leslie alive and the necklace out of the hands of the thieves.  Their one night of passion opens up new doors for Scott and Leslie, but are they willing to walk through and accept what is waiting for them?

Kilted Lover has so many wonderful elements - the sexy man in a kilt, a car chase, and hot sex.  Nicole North's use of descriptive writing allowed me to easily picture in my mind what was happening and I truly wanted to be there.  She did a great job putting this story on paper.  I'll keep this story close at hand and look for more from Ms. North.


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