Kentucky Woman by Jan Scarbrough

Bluegrass Reunion Series, Book 2

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Nikita Steele




A marriage of convenience…

For Alexis Marsden it would provide a better life for her, her son and her mother.  They would no longer have to live in a very crammed two bedroom apartment.  And, more importantly, it would grant a father figure for her beloved son.  But, was Alexis willing to give up the hard-earned independence that she spent the past eight years obtaining after she became pregnant and received no support from her son’s father just to marry Jack Breckinridge.

A marriage of convenience…

For Jackson ‘Jack’ Breckinridge it would secretly place the woman, whom he had loved for many years in his life, as his wife.  And, more importantly, to make a right of the wrong that his younger brother committed by not taking any responsibility when he got Alexis pregnant when they were barely out of their teenage years. 

Has both Jack and Alexis bitten off more than they can chew now that they are living together under the same roof?  Will either be able to stick to their pre-marriage agreement of a no sex involved relationship?

I thought Kentucky Woman wonderfully portrays the struggles of a single parent in a realist fashion that many can relate to.  Alexis was a woman who was determined to provide the very best for her son; however, she wasn’t willing to settle for anything just to stay ahead of the game.  She carefully weighed out all of her options before she agreed to marry Jack.  Jack had a compassionate nature.  When it came to Alexis, he was very protective and wouldn’t allow any harm to come to her.  The only problem that both Jack and Alexis possessed was the fear of rejection, and because of this fear neither was willing to publicly admit the love for one another.  I really enjoyed the interaction between the couple has they battled to build a relationship beyond their hurtful past experiences.

Kentucky Woman is the second book in Jan Scarbrough Bluegrass Reunion series and can be read independently.


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