Kentucky Cowboy by Jan Scarbrough

Bluegrass Reunion Series

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Judd Romeo had one goal in life, and that was to win the professional bull riding world title.  No one - other than his mother - understood his passion for the sport; but now she was gone and Judd was left with settling her Kentucky estate months before the world competition.  What Judd wasnít expecting to deal with upon his return to his motherís home, was the feelings he still carried deep inside his heart for Mandy Sullivan, a love that he hadnít seen since their high school breakup.  Now, that he was older and wiser, will Judd allow Mandy to slip through his fingers a second time without a fight?

Mandy Sullivan refused to associate with risk-takers because her father was one before it finally caused the death of him and her mother.  Thatís why she broke up with Judd Romeo on their Senior Prom night, and the main reason that she was raising her niece after her sister left her newborn daughter in order to become a Hollywood star.  So, why after all these years did Mandy still want Judd, especially now when he was a skilled bull rider - but how could she not support an emotionally wounded man that had recently lost his beloved mother?  And, it didnít help matters when her sister reappeared after an eight year hiatus wanting to reclaim her daughter Ė a child that Mandy considered her own.  Mandyís world was falling apart.  Will she welcome Juddís love and support?

Kentucky Cowboy was a wonderful, heartfelt western romance that I really enjoyed reading.  It was a classic tale about tragedy, despair, love and second chances.  Judd was my type of cowboy Ė he was very tough when needed to be, compassionate and downright gorgeous.  There was no woman who could resist his alluring southern charm, not even Mandy. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, the desire was still strong between them.  The plot moved at an excellent pace while showing the difficult process of rediscovery and forgiveness.  Readers, you canít go wrong with Kentucky Cowboy!


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