Keeping Paige by Michelle M. Pillow

Divinity Warriors, Book 3

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 978-1-419-224-80

Reviewed by Tanya




Paige is considered an oddity and is treated as an outcast from the people of her dimension.  She is self sufficient and knows how to live in the woods and is surprised when a zealous sect of Fairies sacrifices her to their gods.  She is definitely not having a good day.  They make her drink ambrosia which heightens her sexual arousal and is then thrust into another dimension.  When she is back to her senses she finds that not only is she alive, but in a different dimension, with a sexy warrior husband, who apparently has never met a woman who can survive on her own.  So the week is not getting better.  When the dust all settles she finds that Aidan feels that he was rewarded by the gods with her appearance.  His historical teachings say this is how great warriors will be awarded (by their gods), by the mysterious appearance of their one true love and he has no intention of giving her up.

A battle of wills will ensue in Keeping Paige and you need to pick the story up to see just how it will turn out.

I continue to enjoy the warriors of Divinity.  Ms Pillow makes each story just different enough that though the women come from other dimensions the stories are unique and interesting.  I also enjoy how Ms. Pillow subtly changes the culture of the warriors to accept that a woman is very strong in her own right and has a mind of her own.  I think Ms. Pillow has a winning series here and Keeping Paige just helps to solidify this thinking.


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