Just My Luck by Gail Koger

Whispers Publishing

SciFi Fantasy

Reviewed by Lisa




The year is 2015.  Earth has been invaded by the Tai-Kok who like to eat humans.  The people have little to stop the Tai-Kok from destroying everything until they manage to bring down one of the alien ships.  Their technology is quickly figured out so that those left can fight on equal footing.

Psychics are nicknamed Sirens because they can feel the aliens coming and send a warning to hide or fight.  The Jones family is large and particularly gifted.  Kaylee Lynn Jones is the most gifted Siren on the planet, able to detect the Tai-Kok before they even hit Earth’s atmosphere.  Kayee is also a cop and a total trouble magnet according to her family.  She can’t help it if chaos seems to follow in her wake.

For some time Kaylee has been psychically linked to a male somewhere out there in the stars.  He insists that she belongs to him regardless of how Kaylee feels about the matter.  The voice in her head has helped save her a few times, but Kaylee’s luck finally runs out and she is captured by the enemy who transports her to a ship hovering above the planet.  There Kaylee meets her destiny in the form of a Coletti Warlord named Talree.  Life will never be the same for Kaylee now that Talree has taken possession of her.  Adventures await Kaylee and her bond mate, Talree, among the stars.  There is no going back for Kaylee, ever.

Out of this world excitement, sexy moves and an unbelievable cast of characters can be found in Just My Luck.  Told in first person style, Kaylee tells her story – the chaos, the conquests and finding the man of her dreams – when he’s not driving her nuts.  Just My Luck is such an imaginative tale with strong characters, witty dialogue, and a very brisk pace.  I fell in love with Kaylee and her beleaguered Talree, everyone is great in one way or another.  The only down side for me is that Kaylee saves the day too much, it goes beyond believable by the end.  Also, readers are taken to several different planets, locations, etc, I wish there had been a bit more description about where Kaylee was while she’s being warrior woman.  But, bottom line, Just My Luck is incredibly fun to read.


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