Just My Luck by Cassandra Gold

Nice Series

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

Reviewed by Lisa




When Greg Reynolds came Ďoutí to his family they promptly kicked him out, but that didnít stop him from working towards a college degree.  To pay the bills and make ends meet he is an employee at the Well Read bookstore. Greg lusts after Seth Whitney, the owner of the coffee shop next door, however he unable to gather the courage to make a move.

Itís Christmas Eve and Greg just wants to go home to his little apartment. Unfortunately his aged car has other ideas.  On top of that, a fire at his apartment building means that heís homeless for a few days.   The holiday is looking like a total wash out until a certain someone makes him an offer thatís almost too good to be true.  This is one holiday Greg will never forget.

Just My Luck is a sweet, special story with a sexy, climatic ending.  Bad things happen, heroes step into the light, and we are given a very satisfying read.  Just My Luck is both heart warming and hot.


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