Just for You by Jet Mykles

Loose Id

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60737-446-6

Reviewed by Cassie




When Justin sees a sexy man on the street, he thinks heís found the man of his dreams.  Too bad he later finds out his dream guy isnít gay.  Luckily for Justin, though, Kevin needs to pretend to be gay in order to meet the higher-ups from his company without the interference of his incompetent female supervisor.

Justin agrees to go with Kevin to the club, and things go well.  Kevinís boss, Victor, a wealthy and attractive man, even seems to be interested in Justin.  The only problem is that Justinís still interested in Kevinóand Kevin just might be interested in him as more than a friend as well.  Will Kevin figure out what he wants before itís too late?

I admit that the whole ďgay for youĒ concept isnít really my favorite plot device, but I like Jet Mykles so I thought Iíd give Just For You a try.  After reading the book, I didnít regret giving it a shot at all.  Just For You is packed with heat and humor, with a nice dash of emotion.  I couldnít help but like dramatic, flamboyant Justin.  He is up front about everything from the start, a trait I admired.  Kevin, though surprised by his sudden attraction to another man, is able to deal with it surprisingly well.  Watching him feel his way through his new world was funny at times, emotional at others.  Even Victor, who came across as a bit of a spoiled villain at times, turns out to have hidden emotional depths that made me feel for him.  Just For You isnít super deep or angsty, but itís a fun, hot read I enjoyed a lot.  Jet Mykles fans, fans of ďgay for youĒ stories, and anybody who likes fish-out-of-water humor will be sure to like Just For You.


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