Just a Dream by Aliyah Burke

Phaze Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60659-160-4

Reviewed by Nellie




Liam was traveling home alone in the middle of a snow storm when he stopped to assist a stranded, seemingly "hysterical" damsel who was hunched over her steering wheel. Liam's heart lurched as he stared into Caden Bradshaw's brown eyes, set in tear-stained cheeks.

Though wary of the man who stopped to assist her, Caden wasn't going to let him freeze his fine ass off by himself while fixing her car. The chemistry and attraction was instant but Liam was off-limits as far as Caden was concerned, because he is military and she has lost too many men she loved to the military.

Both Liam and Caden were trying to exorcise some past demons that continually haunted the progress of their relationship.  But they overcome these obstacles to find a little slice of heaven in their lives, which are touched by death and pain, before it is too late.

Just a Dream is a great tribute to the men and women in the military and their families.  You get a glimpse into their lives on the frontline or the struggles they endure when they return from their tour of duty.  This is a nice and simple story that pulls at your heartstrings.  Well done Aliyah.


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