I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60737-455-8

Reviewed by Nannette




Mark is a retired spy, happily settled down with his lover Stephen. He made a promise to Stephen that he was done leaving him for dangerous missions, but now heís faced with a choice: one last mission or Stephen. Mark knows what he wants, however what he wants to do and what he has to do may be two different things.

In I Spy Something Bloody, Mark had to make a choice between his profession and his lover. In I Spy Something Wicked, he has to do it again. I Spy Something Wicked has suspense of a different kind. Instead of dangerous missions and deadly assassins, the suspense comes from Markís aguish over choosing between one more run or his happily ever after. Mark is cool, confident, and fearless, but when faced with losing Stephen, he turns to mush. Itís an interesting dichotomy. Stephen and Mark are comfortable and sexy and clearly in love. The stakes are high and the angst is real in I Spy Something Wicked. Itís exactly what I expected and wanted for Mark and Stephenís sequel.


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