IOU by Paris Brandon

A Carnal Reunions Tale

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Shayna




For ten years, Bliss Harper has held onto an IOU scribbled on the back of a pizza receipt.  Nick Santucci promised her one night of bad-boy sex after rescuing a drunk Bliss from a raid during a frat party.  At the time, neither Bliss nor Nick were in a place that they could afford the distraction becoming lovers would inevitably involve.  But by the time their ten year college reunion rolls around, both Bliss and Nick are more than ready for her to call in the never-forgotten IOU.  Bliss better watch out, though.  Nick’s now a successful businessman who knows how to negotiate the terms of a deal to suit his desires.  And he wants Bliss for a lot more than one night.

Long-held lust is finally sated in the deliciously erotic IOU.  Paris Brandon has delivered a sexy, fun tale of two people who have definitely waited long enough to become lovers.  I liked Bliss and Nick, both as individuals and as a couple, so I was definitely rooting for them to take their involvement beyond one night of “sweaty, dirty, bad-boy sex,” though that in and of itself was enough to make IOU an engagingly naughty read.  I really enjoyed IOU and look forward to reading more stories by Ms. Brandon.


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