In a Strangerís Arms by Tianna Xander

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ISBN: 1-55410-805-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.




For weeks Callie Obermeyer has been aware of the strange murders in her area.  The body count is rising, drawing the attention of Gunther Andarton.  He meets Callie while hunting the demon thatís been preying on and killing human women.  Gunther is surprised to learn that Callie is his mate.  The biggest challenge will be convincing her to spend eternity with him while protecting her from danger.   Callie is overwhelmed by her feelings for this mysterious stranger.  Once she decides to be with him, thereís no turning back.

Iíve had the pleasure of reading Tianna Xander before, minus her equally talented co-author, Bonnie Rose Leigh.  Iím impressed by her writing style; her individualism is expressed in how she sets up a story and directs her characters.  Gunther is passionate and chivalrous without coming off as sappy.  He has an inherent integrity that made me forgive his arrogance and confidence with women.  Callie is tough, very loyal and independent.  Yet, sheís never quite able to hide her vulnerability from Gunther.  I liked that a lot.  The best part is the turning point of where she is willing to sacrifice everything for him.  From the moment Gunther decides he wants Callie, itís a given he will do the same for her no matter what.  Everything about their relationship brightens the darker aspects of this story.  Between their molten hot encounters and evading bad guys, this coupleís tenderness and devotion shines through.  There were a few poignant moments that will succeed in plucking your heartstrings.  Tianna Xanderís specialty is erotic romance, and because In a Strangerís Arms is a paranormal story it made for a sexy, passionate fast-paced read.


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