Imprinted by Darcy Sweet

eXcessica Publishing

Contemporary M/M/F

Reviewed by Lisa




Home from college for the summer, Jacob begrudgingly helps his stepfather Harry with his lawn service.  One hot afternoon Jacob is cutting shrubs near the owners’ bedroom window.  Jacob accidentally spies the owners’ wife, Mrs. Dean pleasuring herself.  Before Jacob is able to move away, Mr. Dean shows up and the couple really get going.  Later, he is shocked to learn that Mrs. D knew he was watching the whole time.  The sight and sounds of the couple making love is stuck firmly in Jacob’s head as he imagines joining them in bed.  Sex is about to take on a whole new meaning for the twenty-something year old and he can’t wait for some up close and personal practice if the couple will let him join in.

Indulge your carnal appetite in Imprinted.  A straight forward coming of age sexual awakening is the focus here for one young man in this story.  Neatly laid out, lusty and sweaty, and definitely a hot read.  Imprinted delves into a young man’s sexual learning curve with sensual, exciting results.  Enjoy.


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