Hunting Passions by Lila Dubois

Amber Allure

Paranormal M/F/M-M/M/F BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60272-584-3

Reviewed by Lisa




The Lord of Eahrington, William FitzWilliam learned of the Hunting Pair from his grandfather after a tragedy destroyed Williamís childhood.

He has spent years researching and deciding on a method of training his own Hunting Pair.  But when William meets his wolf, Christoffer and his falcon, Mirela things donít quite work out.  At times William makes progress with Christoffer and then complicates his plans for Mirela.  Then, the next day he is furious with Christoffer and in tune with Mirela.  Nothing is working out quite the way Willam planned for his Hunting Pair.  Frankly, William is ready to lock them both up, throw away the keys and forget about his legacy altogether if the three canít figure out a way to live and work together.

Take a walk on the wild side with Hunting Passions.  Author Lila Dubois tells a unique tale of fealty with sexy shifters, burning desires, and deep emotions.  Hunting Passions is a very different kind of shifter story with twists at every turn.  The bottom line with this tale is that expectations and communication is absolutely everything whether youíre furred, feathered or flesh.  Hunting Passions will taunt, tempt, and ultimately thrill those readers looking for an original tale of love.


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