Hunterís Need by Shiloh Walker

The Hunters

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425231500

Reviewed by Jo




Analise Morell would have done anything to protect her brother when they were younger and that included allowing one of the hunters to be captured and tortured by the psychotic vampire that had control of them.  Mind you, Analise did her best to correct the situation when she could, but the damage had been done and Analise knew she had gained dangerous enemies.  Now she and her brother are in Excelsior Ė a school for the gifted and home of the hunters.  While itís the best place for her brother, Analise just doesnít fit in and she knows it.  Finally she leaves to discover her own place.

Duke Lawson has physical reminders of his time in captivity.  Duke will never forget the vampire who did it or the girl that caused his distraction and allowed it to happen.  While Duke understands why Analise did it and knows that she also helped with his release, heís not sure he can ever forgive.  So why is he just as grumpy when some guy hits on her as when she is in his eyesight? Duke isnít sure what to think when Analise up and leaves her brother in the school.

Analise lives in Alaska now, a place she has grown to love.  But something just isnít right and Analise canít put her finger on what it is.  After a little research, Analise calls Excelsior to ask for help Ė just her luck to get Duke on the phone at his snarliest.  When Duke is ordered to go help Analise, he isnít happy but acknowledges privately that he would have anyway.  When Analise and Duke see each other again, the attraction is back and itís trying to make up for lost time.  Too bad Analise and Duke arenít sure thatís what they want.  Thereís a serial killer to find and spirits to release all while trying to understand just what type of relationship is developing between Analise and Duke.  Itís going to take total understanding and forgiveness to get their killer and come out unscathed.

Take two people with an unhappy shared past and add a little danger, stir well and the result is amazing path to love.  Hunterís Need brings Analise and Duke together, apart and together again as the years pass.  Analise made a tough decision in order to save her brother Ė a decision that leads to Dukeís capture and torture.  Knowing and understanding what led to his capture isnít the same as forgiveness to Duke when it comes to Analise.  I would have believed that the most Analise and Duke could ever become was good friends given their past.  I would have shortchanged them had they gone with my instincts.  Luckily they had Shiloh Walker to show them that love can come from many things.  The mystery grabbed my attention as much as the growing relationship between Duke and Analise.  I just love it when all parts of the plot grabs me strongly as happened with Duke and Analiseís path to their future.   Hunterís Need is gripping whether you enjoy romance or suspense and itís a huge bonus if you love both as I do.


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