Holding Out for a Hero by HelenKay Dimon

Men of Hawaii


Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9780758229052

Reviewed by Jo




Deana Armstrong needs the best investigator possible to get her nephew out of jail and from under the murder charge he is now facing.  Deana is down to her last and best choice.  Too bad he hates her and her family.  Now Deana has to figure out how to convince Josh to put the past behind them and get him to agree to work for her and find out who really did the murders.

Josh Windsor is out of the hero business as far as he is concerned.  He has just had to leave a well-loved job with the DEA and right now all he wants is to find a quiet place on the islands.  Josh absolutely wants nothing to do with Deana and her family problems.  He has no interest in investigating a murder that has already been investigated and has a person behind bars.  But sometimes the hero business is really hard to get out of.

Deana finally gets her wish and now Josh is working for her, but he is doing it on his terms – not hers.  When the case brings them closer together than either had planned both begin to learn just what secrets the other is hiding.  The investigation is getting messy in more ways than one.  Deana had agreed to accept any outcome from Josh’s investigation when he agreed to do it, a condition Deana agreed to believing she knew the only possible outcome.  Josh is coming to the end of the road; the facts are coming together – not only for his investigation but also between Deana and himself.  Just what will the truth about a night of murder do to their budding relationship?

A red-hot detective and a wealth society figurehead come together under the Hawaiian nights.  Holding Out for a Hero brings to stubborn people together with one desire – to find out who killed Deana’s brother and sister-in-law.  Deana learned from the best on how to get her way by using her money and status.  Josh has worked his way up from a bad childhood to be a DEA hero until the rug is pulled out from under him.  The undercurrents between Josh and Deana just as strong as any the islands have ever had.  I watched as Josh and Deana fought their attraction for each other and just knew that their passion would explode spectacularly at some point.  HelenKay Dimon’s characters are so well constructed that I would not have been surprised to find them next door.  Josh and Deana had to overcome many roadblocks in order to discover their future and the double murder was just the beginning of it all.  Holding Out for a Hero is a full-bodied and tightly written journey that leads to a forever love.


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