His Intimate Submission by Anne Douglas

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419925474

Reviewed by Jo




Jason and Lucy have spent the last few months exploring new sexual frontiers by having a good friend as a third every now and then.  However, something is really bugging Jason and he’s acting odd, like he’s searching for something while they are having sex and not finding it.  Lately, he has even been avoiding Lucy’s questions.  Lucy has had it, tonight she is going to find out what is bugging Jason and she’s hoping beyond hope that it isn’t her.  Jason finally tells Lucy what he wants and hopes it doesn’t destroy their relationship because there is no way Jason ever wants to lose Lucy.  Somewhat surprised, Lucy decides to learn more of the D/s world that just might take Lucy and Jason to another levelin their relationship.  In a world surrounded with certain rules and expectations, can Lucy and Jason find the happy medium that will be just right for them?

Confirmed lovers seek to find the “something” that will satisfy needs.  His Intimate Submission continues Lucy and Jason’s story from Curious Intimacies.   Jason and Lucy have no secrets with their sexual relationship, just understanding of the needs and what pleases each other.  But when Jason reveals his latest need, Lucy finds a way to give it to him while still pleasing herself. I truly love the honest and openness of Jason and Lucy’s relationship and the fact they work to make it stronger.  Their erotic discovery is both sensual and loving, even while trying to figure out the mechanics of this new loving.  I really enjoyed the fact that Shane makes a couple of appearances.  His Intimate Submission is sensual eroticism at its best with that sense of discovery.

If you want to learn more about Jason, Lucy and Shane and their relationship, pick up Curious Intimacies.  Both of these books will be a great addition to your erotic library.


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