His Gentle Touch by Stormy Glenn

Siren Publishing

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-660-1

Reviewed by Lisa




Micah Adin is sitting in a bar with his best friend Seth O’Connal describing his fantasy man and there he is in the flesh playing pool.  Gideon Wulfe has got to be too good to be true with his hot body and sensual eyes.  He is everything Micah would want for a mate.  As luck would have it, Gideon feels exactly the same way about Micah once they meet.

The next thing Micah knows he’s waking up in bed the next morning, nude, and pleasantly sore with a wedding ring on his finger.  What in the devil happened and why is Gideon calling him husband?  More importantly, why can’t he remember?

His Gentle Touch balances a sweet romance and sweaty, hot sex quite nicely.  This character driven story features two extremely engaging men, their ups, downs and everything in between.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Micah and Gideon.  However, there are a few discrepancies, such as Micah’s insecurities about not knowing how to act or eat appropriately, yet his dad is a Senator, wouldn’t he have learned a few things?  Also, his father beat him and threw him out at 16, nobody noticed or said anything about him being gone?  Lastly, the typos are unnecessary. His Gentle Touch has a very fast courtship that does seem somewhat questionable.  Overall though, once the story gets moving, His Gentle Touch is truly entertaining with erotic encounters and two fun husbands.


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