Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt


Contemporary, BDSM

Reviewed by Patrice F




Aspiring designer Heidi works as a downtrodden gopher for an enormous, world renowned fashion company.  When she stains the pants of CEO Warren Kaiser, he punishes her with a spanking!  Heidi expects that to end everything until he hires her as his assistant.  She learns what it truly means to work for a man like Kaiser when the real ‘training’ begins.

Selena Kitt is that rare author in the truest sense of erotic romance/erotica, willing to plunge into the shadowy depths of the sexual psyche.  This author willingly explores the taboo regions of love—and does it with skill.  Heidi and the Kaiser is a love story belonging to the murkier areas of the human consciousness. The line between pain and pleasure, submission and dominance, humiliation and exultation is a reoccurring theme.  Many readers will not be comfortable with this story or that underlying question:  If it is love, is it wrong? I honestly don’t mind the unconventional approach to Warren Kaiser’s and Heidi Bauer’s relationship. Somewhere out there they do exist.  Either the ‘real’ Heidi and Warren are relieved, or someone is suffering a slight twinge of embarrassment.  After all, isn’t fiction a celebration, a revelation, and the imitation of reality?

The lurid sophistication of this tale is an excellent foil to the plot; as complimentary as the main characters’ haute couture wardrobe.  I will admit most people (myself included) won’t grasp the whys of what makes a woman like Heidi submit to a man like Kaiser.  The subordinate’s consuming surrender to and adoration for the superior.  And then there are moments that will provide a universal revelation that will cause more than one reader to experience a connection and recollection that they may or may not want to explore.  There are those who will understand the raw appeal of sheer power, supreme confidence, and charisma.  Kaiser is comprised of this; the steely aura he exudes is made possible by Ms. Kitt’s visual, tactile, and audible language.  Ms. Kitt is not shy in her use of the lurid, the descriptive, and the exotic.  If she resorts to crassness it’s right at home and where it should be.  She is no amateur when it comes to captivating a reader through subtlety and timing.  Her research is flawless, and she’s always quick to layer and bolster the story and character development wherever and whenever it’s needed.  Despite her excellent command of language and narrative, she exerts frugal control with words, bending every sentence and paragraph to her will with Hemingway-esque expertise.

Selena Kitt is mistress of her craft, most expressly at bringing to life unique characters and placing them together.  She always adds a meaningful touch, along with an incomparable understanding of the mind, spirit, and flesh through her writing.  I plan to keep reading her work for a very long time to come to see what direction she will take next.  There is no doubt she will continue to evolve and meet every challenge she sets for herself in her profession.   This is an author will to take on new frontiers that many shrink away from.   Whether you agree with her subject matter or not, you’ll have to admire her passion, courage, and innovation.


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