Heart of the Maze by Rain Chapman

Breathless Press

Historical Regency, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-926771-22-9

Reviewed by Klarissa




Cilia Makepeace has found herself in a most precarious situation.  After getting blamed for stealing her aunt's necklace, when it was her cousin Harry who committed the crime, her aunt wants to get rid of Cilia. She is sold to a brothel where her innocence is up for auction. Cilia manages to escape and finds herself seeking out Devlin Rutherford, the Third Duke of Easterly whom she once thought looked nice.  She has a strong feeling that this man can help get her life back on track.

Devlin is shocked to discover a strange looking boy asking for his help to straighten out a dire situation.  He is shocked and confused when every instinct tells him that this is his mate.  But with further review, Devlin discovers it's not a boy at all, but a woman, who has decided to conceal her identity.  Knowing this mysterious woman is his mate, Devlin will now do anything to keep Cilia by his side forever.

Magic has found a way to bring these two wonderful people together.

Heart of the Maze is a quick historical that is able to pull all the magical romantic elements together.  Rain Chapman set a remarkable scene for Cilia and Devlin to fall in love.  His home, his family, and friends all heighten the experience in this tale.  I didn't feel cheated by the length, but felt satisfied that Ms. Chapman wrapped everything up so nicely.  I loved the mystical quality that these two lovers possessed.  I'll definitely be seeking out more books by Ms. Chapman.


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