Healing Seduction by Jory Strong

Ellora's Cave

Erotic Contemporary/Ménage/Quickie

ISBN: 9781419927218

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Kiera wants what her friend Calista has with her men.  Widowed, Kiera has mourned the loss of her husband and is now, finally, ready to move on.  Only, she doesn’t want to move on with just any man – she wants one night with Lucca and Quade, the two men off limits to her as long as her husband was alive.  Armed with a plan and dressed to tease, Kiera puts her plan in motion.  Let the fireworks begin!

Quade and Lucca love Kiera but know she is not for them.  As their friend’s widow, they know that their desires for her can be nothing more than that.  Which is a good plan until one of them finds her in a bar, between two men, and evidently liking it.  Now, all bets are off and it is time for Lucca and Quade to claim their woman. 

The only thing wrong with Healing Seduction is that I had to stop reading it when it ended!  I don’t know how Jory Strong does it, but every single time I read one of her ménages I fall in love with her characters, the story, and the setting.  Everything about Healing Seduction called to me.  Beloved characters are seen and new characters are introduced.  Quade and Lucca definitely know what it means to love a woman.  They are seriously two of the hottest men I have ever read about. 

Healing Seduction is a story of one woman’s desire to move on after the death of her husband with the help of the two friends he trusted.  The power and the passion of the love scenes alone are hot enough to scorch pavement.  *shiver*


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