Haunted by Your Soul by Marguerite Labbe

Triquetra, Volume 2

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-935192-73-2

Reviewed by Cassie




Jacob Corvin was shattered by the loss of his lover, the vampire Kristair.  Months later, he still isnít over the loss.  Since he carries Kristairís heart in his chest, he doubts he ever will be.  Then the Syndicate comes after him again, searching for Kristairís knowledge, and all hell breaks loose.  Is Kristair truly gone, or are Jacobís strange, haunted feelings a sign of something more?

Haunted by Your Soul picks up a few months after My Heart is Within You left off.  Jacobís in mourning, and he doesnít care about anything but football anymore.  Carrying Kristairís heart and memories within him makes him feel like heís going insane a lot of the time, so when Kristair really does contact him he doesnít believe itís real.  Kristair has been kept from Jacob by a powerful force that doesnít want to let him go.  Heís determined to get back to his lover, but the obstacles seem insurmountable.  Haunted by Your Soul is another action-packed installment of the Triquetra trilogy.  Even with the help of various secondary characters, there were times when I wondered if Jacob and Kristair would ever be able to be together.  The Syndicate ups the ante this time, proving themselves more than willing to hurt, torture, and even kill to get the knowledge they seek.  Fortunately, the connection between Jacob and Kristair is as solid as ever, despite some conflict along the way.  Iím looking forward to the third book, in which (I hope!) Jacob and Kristair finally get a more settled ending.


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