Happy Campers by Vanessa Hart

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-522-0

Reviewed by Willow




Leslie Turner's sister Kat talked her into a girls-only camping retreat to help Leslie get over her broken engagement. Leslie agreed, thinking she could also use the time to work through her big ole writer's block. The last thing she needed was the sexy man in the next lot over. Good thing he's engaged.

It was Gray Webster's fiancée's idea for him to take a last camping trip before they are married. His last chance to use his camper before he sells it since his fiancée really doesn't like camping. But Gray sees Leslie and begins to fight himself to stay away from her. Easier said than done. Between a series of mishaps and his instant attraction accented by erotic dreams, Gray doesn't stand a chance.

There is instant sizzle between Leslie and Gray in Happy Campers. A broken engagement, writer's block, a self-centered fiancée and that sizzle work to bring these two together. With the help of one calamity after another, Leslie and Gray become very happy campers. I liked Leslie and Gray's adventures. I can completely relate to Leslie's string of mishaps. This is a great summer (or anytime) read.


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