Half of the Other by Joanna Kells

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-300-1

Reviewed by Cassie




Charlie had too much to drink at the office Christmas party and kissed his friend Tom, the man heís been crushing on for ages.  Now itís the next morning, and heís embarrassed and terrified Tom will be angry.  On top of that, heís not entirely sure what all happened last night.  Has he lost Tomís friendship forever?

Half of the Other is a cute friends-to-lovers tale featuring the neurotic first-person narration of Charlie.  Most of the time I enjoyed his self-flagellation and embarrassment, but a few times it was over the top and started to irritate me.  The conflict of getting drunk and kissing the wrong person is something most people can relate to, even if they havenít experienced it themselves, and I couldnít help sympathizing with poor Charlie.  Affable Tom didnít help resolve the conflict at first, and misunderstandings flew fast and furious (sometimes with funny results).  Near the end I thought Joanna Kells heaped a bit too much trauma on Charlie and Tom, making the story almost farcical, but overall Half of the Other is a quick, light read.  Itís not deep, but itís fun.


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