Ghost Unlaid by Marie Treanor

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Klarissa




After being passed over for the position as head of Department of Special Acquisitions and Gifts, Julie Macbeth holds great animosity against her new boss, Mr. Harding.  Feeling the tension, Mr. Harding jumps at the opportunity to get Julie out of the building, sending her to the Drummand household to investigate and catalog the rare books in Mr. Drummand’s library.  Julie doesn't realize that there are not only old books sitting idle in the library, but a ghost as well.  Lulach, the fascinating ghost, makes her question her sanity and takes her on one magical adventure.

Ms. Treanor has a great book in Ghost Unlaid.  I could feel the characters’ emotions and could sympathize with the ghost.  I wanted Lulach to end up happy.  I couldn't wait to see how Ms. Treanor would pull it off, and she did remarkably.  Julie is such a likable character, also that she and the ghost hit it off so perfectly.  Good job!


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