From the Ruins by Allure Van Sanz

Noble Romance Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60592-037-5

Reviewed by Amelia




Jenova is coming off a divorce. She’s been chatting with Davit, a man thirteen years younger than she. She agrees to take a vacation and meet him in a jungle at a site where he is studying snakes. She’s not sure if this makes her crazy, or if she’s just taking what might amount to a good risk.


Davit is very taken with Jenova, and when they visit an archeological site and forces take hold of them they allow things to run their course. But what are the forces in command? And how will the couple deal with them?


From the Ruins has a unique premise for a cougar tale. Jenova is seeking to rebuild her life and Davit seems just the man to help her. One of the reasons I choose this story was the caution that it contained BDSM. I enjoy a good BDSM tale, but I don’t feel like this story contained that. What I thought was it was a semi-capture story with dubious consent elements that marred my enjoyment of the tale.

Allure Van Sanz’s writing is vivid and the story flows very well with the scenes easily imaginable. But I didn’t quite see Davit in a favorable light after the middle part of the book. Fans of capture tales will enjoy this story, however, as the author does paint a very dramatic picture.


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