Flirting with Fate by Lexi Ryan

Stiletto Girls, Book 2

Ravenous Publishing


ISBN: 9781607773092

Reviewed by Jo




Josie Bovard is a Stiletto Girl whose touch reveals what might happen in the future.  Lately, whenever she touches one man all she sees is passion, heat and lots of sex.  What should have been a peek at a wonderful future becomes murky because several things are going on in Josieís life, and now she really canít decide if her visions are really hers.  Especially concerning a certain SIA agent she needs to help out with a special and very personal project.

Tanner Wiley is an agent with Special Intelligence Agency (SIA) and his job right now is to watch Josie.  Not a hardship for Tanner because he has wanted to do much more than just watch Josie for a while now.  Besides, she has actually asked for his help on a project.  However, Tanner just canít work up the nerve to ask her out for anything personal.  When new circumstances put Josie in danger, Tanner isnít going to worry about asking anything anymore.

Josie knows Tanner would never hurt her, but her visions are suddenly showing her a very different future and Josie doesnít know which one is true, or if either is.  Things get messy when Josieís deadly past is suddenly her present and danger seems to be coming from every angle.  Whether she likes it or not, Josie is going to get help from the rest of the Stiletto Girls and their SIA counterparts.  With so many people suddenly coming and going, its going to take a miracle for Josie and Tanner, and their friends, to come out of this on top.

 When the past comes back to haunt the present, the future can be deadly.  Flirting with Fate brings Josie and Tanner together months after they first work together to save the world.  Josie is hiding things from her follow Stiletto Girls while trying to find her answers on her own.  Tanner wants nothing more then to have Josie with him always and doesnít hesitate to agree to help her.  Heated visions go right into erotic passion when Josie and Tanner finally let go, which didnít surprise me at all.  I could see the heat rising every time they interacted.  When danger, murder and suspense were added into the mix, I quickly flipped pages to see what would happen next.  I have to admit there were times when I felt like I needed a scorecard to keep track of who was who.  It didnít really pull me from the story but instead had me wondering if anyone was who they said they were.  Ms. Ryan has given us another thrilling Stiletto Girl book in Flirting with Fate with a mixture of heat, murder, eroticism, and danger.  There are still two girls left and I will be watching for their stories.


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