Experimentation by Cynthia Rayne


Contemporary Erotic

ISBN: 978-1-906811-71-6

Reviewed by Chris




Julie Stewart’s best friend Troy Daniels just broke up with his live-in boyfriend, Charles. In an attempt to perk up his mood, she takes Troy out to eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant. But Troy is more interested in getting drunk and examining Julie’s assets than picking apart his food. Julie assumes it’s the alcohol talking, through she’s a bit weirded out by her gay friend’s behavior.

Troy’s afraid to tell Julie she’s the main reason he and Charles spat and broke up. Alcohol equals liquid courage, but not necessarily smooth moves. So while Troy doesn’t “score” with Julie, he at least makes a pass. Once sober, he realizes he’s probably botched up both his friendship and his potential sexual relationship with her, but that doesn’t stop him from fighting to keep and attain both.

Experimentation is exactly what it says it is. No forays into the paranormal world, no unexpected plot twists, no extra characters thrown in to spice it up. It’s simply a tale of a man who thought he was gay, realized he was bisexual, and decided to dip his manhood into virgin (for him) female territory. The story could have been a little longer, but on the other hand, it would then have needed to have some more angst and a deeper plot. Experimentation is like a slice of warm apple pie. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll wish you had more. But you’ll be satisfied with what Cynthia Rayne gave you.


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