Entwined by Fate by S.A. Price

American Ophidian's, Book 1

Tease Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60767-077-3

Reviewed by Jo



Elise Rizdon has been leading her nest, Knossos West, and keeping her snakes safe for many years now.  Never has Elise turned away a snake who needed a place to stay and it has lead to marriages and babies which means the survival of her nest.  However, all is not rosy for Elise as she lost her mate before they ever had a chance to mate or have children.  For years Elise has mourned the loss of what could have been as no other snake will be the same for her.  An urgent meeting notice from an unheard of Archon (nest leader) has Elise curious and wondering what is going on.  The last thing Elise expects to find is her supposedly dead mate alive and at this Archon's side or the pain that seeing him causes her.

John Merrick has done many things in his life that he isn't happy about and having to play dead and losing Elise tops the list.  Now he has to hurt her in order to alert all the Archon's of a danger to their people.  Someone is taking the female snakes and killing any males that might have been with them.  So far the number is up to thirty and John is afraid that it might be rising.  By calling this meeting John could lose all he has gained since his unofficial nest is squatting on another nest's land.  He also knows that his reputation of being rouge won't be in his favor either. .  One thing John is not going to lose is his chance to have Elise as his mate as he wanted years ago - not even the resentment and murderous feelings of the other Archon's to him.  Now he just has to convince Elise of his love, rescue the kidnapped women and find a safe nest for his snakes.  A pretty neat hat trick if he can pull it all off.

I have wanted Elise to get a mate since seeing her as a secondary character in all of the Knossos West stories. She finally gets her own story in Entwined By Fate. I could tell she had something in her past that made her welcome all kinds of snakes into her nest but kept her from forming a family of her own.  Especially when I just had to watch to know that Elise would be a wonderful mother.  My immediate reaction after learning about John and what he had done was not pleasant but as the story unfolded, I found myself wanting them the find a way to become the couple that fate and pure meanness prevented.

I also found myself involved in the snake mythology that surrounds the other plotline and the missing women.  The reason for all the kidnappings and death was made even scarier when I thought of the type of people who would follow that type of cult.  I had to send up a cheer when the kick-ass women snakes showed just what they were made of. Entwined By Fate is a love story that erupts with a major bang - and I mean that literally.  It is also a must read if you have been following the snakes and if not, begin here.  I can't wait for the next story in this series.


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