Enslaved by Kate Hill

Naughty Nights, Book 1

Changeling Press

Futuristic, M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60521-136-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Radiance loses control of her ship after taking a detour through Shand space.  Women have no rights in the male controlled alien society despite the fact the Shand are technologically advanced.  When the feisty merchant crashes, she is captured and sold into slavery.

Darkrock and Strongsea are in charge of large domains. Their excellent standing as strong leaders has brought them much acclaim and attention, along with their opposing views.   Despite their mutual animosity, they are forced to wed and combine their territories.  Radiance is offered as a wedding gift to the troubled newlyweds.  She becomes the focus of their rivalry and desire.  The human refuses to accept her slave status, struggling to keep from succumbing to Strongseaís gentle compassion while battling her reluctant desire for Darkrock.

Kate Hill has a knack for writing stories with enough angst to keep you gnashing your teeth for more and heat to turn your blood to lava. Enslaved simmers and boils with sexual tension, intrigue, and testosterone.  Who can resist a pair of muscular warriors battling it out in the bedroom and the arena?  Once Radiance was added to the mix, things became really interesting.  I got to see more of the inner workings of Darkrock and Strongsea.  Itís fun watching them break down emotional walls to reveal their deepest longings and worse fears.  The continuing battle of wills makes the plot explosive, along with the edgy action scenes.  Dialogue is witty and fresh, keeping pace with the narrative while adding more zest into the interaction between the passionate threesome.  Overall, I truly enjoyed reading this story, from the action scenes to the intimate tumbles; itís what makes this a big heaping dose of Kate Hill goodness.


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