Embracing the Wolf by Felicity Heaton

Alinar Publishing


Reviewed by Lisa




The Werewolf Control Forces hunt down rogues quietly and methodically.  The bodies are disposed of and the human race continues to be unaware of their existence.  A werewolf can choose to go rogue or become rogue if their mate is not located and their love remains unconsummated.

Four years ago Kat ran from her werewolf lover Amon when he told her that she carried werewolf blood and that she is his mate.  To give her life purpose she joined the Werewolf Control Forces.  Now it’s a daily battle for Kat to keep her ‘beast’ locked firmly inside herself.  Kat also knows that Amon must be close to turning rogue without her, his mate.  At the same time Kat fears that if she does meet with Amon not only will her ‘beast’ finally emerge but she won’t be able to leave her mate, ever.

Embracing the Wolf is a wonderful characterization of anguish, survival and hope revolving around one woman.  The story centers on Kat and her interactions with the employer she believes in, the co-worker she slowly betrays and the mate she secretly loves above all others.  Explosive lovemaking adds another layer to Embracing the Wolf.  This is one exciting and entertaining tale!


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