Dragonís Blood by Brynn Paulin

Cruentus Dragons, Book 1

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Jo




Scarlett Mills was once a rising star in the world of pop music until a night when her world was all but destroyed.  Now, years later she hides who she is and exists day by day.  Headed to help her cousin with her wedding, Scarlett is on the subway when two things once again change her life forever.  The first is the dark and handsome man she canít force herself to stop staring at, and the second is discovering that one of the two people who hurt her so badly years before has found her.  Scarlett is terrified but isnít sure if itís wise to trust a man she just met on the subway, until he forces her to do what he wants.

Janos Aventech is a Dragon Elder and came into the city for a meeting only to discover a dragonís mate while riding the subway.  Janos also realizes the danger she faces when he sees one of the men sharing the car with them.  He knows he only has minutes to get Scarlett safely away.  Once they are safe, Janos takes Scarlett with him and hopes to convince her he isnít mad but is really a dragon shifter and she is one of their mates. 

Janos believes Scarlett will belong to another dragon and he sees it as his duty to get her safely to her mate.  Imagine his surprise when he discovers she is his mate. Scarlett still isnít sure what is going on and she is even less sure about the things sheís being told.  Janos knows what he must do to keep Scarlett safe and protected, now he just has to convince her.  The danger to Scarlett is closer than either would have guessed.  Then just when it seems like the fates are finally going their way, Scarlett and Janosí future is threatened in a way that might destroy any hope they have for their future.

Dragons, Elves and Dijinn are just fairy tales Ė or are they?  In Dragonís Blood Scarlett is going to discover there is much more in the world than she ever guessed.  Scarlett lost everything after an attack that she barely survived.  Janos is a leader for his clan and insists on protecting a woman he knows is a dragon mate.

A smile stayed on my face as I watched Scarlett and Janos discover the beauty of love.  Their humor, fights and most importantly, the path to a totally binding love had me flipping the pages to see what would happen next.  Ms. Paulin gave Scarlett and Janos an adventure in discovering just what love means and how you need to fight to keep what you want.  I will be watching for the next installments in this series so I can see the dragons discover their mates.  Dragonís Blood shows that sometimes falling in love can include danger and humor right along with many erotic touches.


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