Djinnís Wish by Shiloh Walker

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419924446

Reviewed by Nannette




Tamric craved the power being Djinn could give him. He wanted to be a part of the mortal world and be revered by his people when he eventually returned.  After centuries of granting wishes through an enchanted mirror, though, Tam now wants to be set free.  Katlin Dixon lost her husband and her best friend in the same accident she lost her sight in.  When Katlin gains possession of the mirror Tam is bound to, her wish can either set Tam free or continue to bind him to it. Now that Tamís met Katlin, heís no longer sure he wants to be set free.

An air of sensuality flows from Katlin. Itís a contrast to the hard-hearted woman who had to confront her cheating husband and back-stabbing best friend. Things went from bad to worse for her that night. Although she is a bit sad and lonely, and fear plays a large role in her life now, Katlinís innate grace shines through.  Tam transitions from a man on a mission seeking his own need to a man besotted. Heís a wonderful character. Djinnís Wish is a romantic story with an uplifting ending.


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