Djinn by Kathleen Brandt

Lyrical Press


ISBN: 978-0-9818905-1-7

Reviewed by Amelia




Sharadziís master is dying. As a djinn of the Burning Rose People, she is bound to her master until he dies and someone else finds her bottle. Her master has other plans, though. He has chosen three candidates from which he will choose one to be Sharadziís new master.

Sharadzi will spend three days with the men, Alex, Rich and Joss. Then she will tell her master which man she wants to serve after her masterís death. Which man will she choose?

I really wanted to like this story. However, I felt it was a short story that screamed to be fully realized. Kathleen Brandt has a very colorful writing style, which moved the tale along at a fast pace, but it also left me wanting to learn more about the characters and their lives.

I liked Sharadzi, and realized that as a djinn she was subservient to her master, but I disliked the last part of the story in which she is forced to serve a totally reprehensible character that was way over the top as far as villains go.

Djinn is a fast read, but unfortunately for me, it was not a satisfying one.


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