Disguises by EM Lynley

Dreamspinner Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-61581-089-5

Reviewed by Lisa




A slump in their show’s ratings means that actors Race Wilcox and his co-star Derrick Steele are expected to make an appearance at the network’s annual Halloween party.  Race hates these affairs while Derrick is jazzed to go with his girlfriend, actress Stella Reynolds.

The three close friends decide to go to the party together.  Race has no idea that before the next 48 hours are over his entire life will change.  Secrets are meant to be kept, but sometimes emotions boil over and everything spills out no matter who gets hurt or how badly.

Intimate secrets and engaging characters breathe life into Disguises.  The plot revolves around best friends, hidden desires, and unfulfilled wishes.  Luckily, Disguises relies on the charm of Race and Derrick to make this story enjoyable and for the most part it works just fine.  I don’t want to give away any ideas on how everything unfolds, but some things really do stretch reality.  Disguises manages to pull it off because Race and Derrick make the story entertaining in their own way, they are the stars!


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