Different Suits by Carol Lynne

Poker Night series, Book 4


M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-907280-38-2

Reviewed by Ley




Angelo Pilato was determined to live a life different from his upbringing. Guys like Moody Torrence was the type of man he didnít need in his life, but the overbearing and irritable police detective was slowly winding his way in to Angeloís life and his heart.

Angelo was definitely not the type of guy Moody would find interesting, but he could not deny the attraction he felt for Angelo and cracking that refined exterior is something he was looking forward to doing.

When situations have Angeloís life turned upside down, Moody turns out to be his savior and his rock. 

As a follower of the Poker Nightseries Different Suits was worth reading for the interesting characters and just to catch up with the boys until the next installment.  There really wasnít much new between Angelo and Moody. Their story started at the end of the previous book, so the premise of this book was fairly obvious. The highlight was that Angelo and Moody were the main focus in this story and there were some interesting scenes between these two.  Different Suits is definitely a good read for followers of the series.


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