Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter

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ISBN: 978-1439159668

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“Untouchable” by Kresley Cole

Murdoch Wroth is a vampire on a mission with his brother to locate his brother’s bride.  Several years ago his brother and his fated bride became mated only for her to leave.  Now it’s time for them to come to terms and hopefully find a way to be together.  Murdoch found that to be the easiest part of his night.  The harder part was when a woman who had such a cool beauty grabbed his attention. Daniela the Ice Maiden is a Valkyrie who is also part of an ice people.  Living with her sisters in New Orleans is hard for her, but it does seem to give her a protection from the person who would have her killed.  The last thing she needs or wants is a pushy vampire getting in her way.

Murdoch saves Daniela from a surprise attack and is then surprised himself when he discovers that she is his fated bride.  Unfortunately Daniela’s very body makes is impossible for them to ever have sex.  Yes there are other ways to find pleasure but just how long can that help either of them.  Hurt feelings and misunderstandings separate them until pure stubbornness just might give them the answer on how to find their happy ever after.

Vamps and Valkyries are not supposed to be together, or so they say, but what do THEY know anyway?  “Untouchable” pairs yet another of the Wroth brothers with a Valkyrie bride.  This time Murdoch, once a womanizer, discovers that only one woman is the key to his existence.  Daniela has spent the majority of her life on the run and isn’t really interested in getting to know a vampire.  It seemed that Murdoch and Daniela were on a collision course to always be bumping heads until the perfect solution was located.  I have loved the Wroth brothers and was very happy to see another one find his bride.  When the solution came apparent, it was so simple and perfect I was amazed it took so long for them to discover it.  “Untouchable” proves that even the chilliest of hearts can discover the warmth of love ever after.


“Tempt Me Eternally” by Gena Showalter

Aleaha Love has no idea just what she is but she can be anyone she wants to be at any time.  Right now she is a member of the AIR (alien investigation and removal) team waiting for some particularly nasty aliens to arrive.  Of course she isn’t really being herself as usual.  When the visitors arrive, it isn’t what they were expecting at all.  After the fight, Aleaha and several of her team are captured.  However Aleaha has another problem, the head warrior wants her for more than just a prisoner.  Breean is a warrior from another world who, along with his team, hopes to make Earth their new home.  One of his warriors causes problems and they have to take the AIR until Breean can figure out a way to prove they are not warriors to be afraid of and that they can actually help the native Earthlings with a common and deadly enemy.

Aleaha needs to free her team before anyone else dies but she really doesn’t want to harm or kill her golden warrior or any of the others who appear to just want a new and safe place to live.  One major problem is that Breean can actually see Aleaha as she really is and he prefers it. Aleaha knows that she can never reveal her true self to her teammates and be allowed to live.  The question is how to safely get her team released and still find a way to stay with her new lover.

“Tempt Me Eternally” forces two people to confront their differences and find a way to form one whole.  Aleaha has always known that showing her true self could get her killed, hence she has spent her adulthood as many other people.  Breean’s world and their woman were destroyed by a viscous alien race and now he believes that Earth will be a perfect place to start over.  When I noticed just how opposite their natures were, I was not sure if Aleaha and Breean would ever come to a common place.  But I really should have put more faith in Gena Showalter’s story.  It was enjoyable to watch as both Aleaha and Breean found that love allowed them to each give in a little to find that perfect middle place.  “Tempt Me Eternally” brings a great love together while surrounded with an overwhelming sense of danger.


Deep Kiss of Winter brought two of my favorite authors together in one book with truly great stories from their series.  In Ms Cole’s case I got to see the Wroth brothers in action again and found many surprises along the way.  In Ms. Showalter’s case, more aliens found their true love on Earth and a way to help the native Earthlings defeat a common enemy.  I loved both stories immensely.  Deep Kiss of Winter is a must read for anyone who loves both authors and the wonderful worlds they have brought to life.


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