Dash & Dingo by Catt Ford and Sean Kennedy

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Historical

ISBN: 978-1-61581-067-3

Reviewed by Cassie




Henry Percival-Smythe, a lowly archivist for Ealing College, is only passionate about one thing—the thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger.  The creature, thought to be extinct in the wild, fascinates Henry so much he is more than ready to undertake a research trip to Australia in an effort to find it.  He soon finds that he will be accompanied by Jack “Dingo” Chambers, a brash Australian who immediately dubs him “Dash.”  Despite his annoyance, he has to put up with Dingo if he wants to go to Tasmania and find the tiger—and the more time he spends with Dingo, the less difficult it becomes.  Unfortunately, not everyone wants them to succeed…

Dash and Dingo is a great book, full of action, adventure, and mystery, all wrapped around an unexpectedly sweet romance.  As a British scholar in the 1930s, Henry is reserved and logical.  He wants to go on the expedition on his terms.  Watching him tackle situations that were way out of his realm of experience was interesting to say the least.  Stuffed-shirt Henry and loud, cheerful Dingo seemed like a terrible match on the surface, but both men have hidden depths.  While Henry learns to maneuver outside of his comfort zone, Dingo reveals a tender and romantic side that was unexpected in such an action-oriented guy.  I really liked both characters a lot.  The plot was not as simple as it initially appeared.  The search for the thylacine led to many complications, including danger from both nature and a man who intended to keep Henry and Dingo from accomplishing their goal, no matter what he had to do.  The many twists and turns of the plot were well done, and the setting was written well enough that I felt immersed in the remote jungle with Dash and Dingo.  Fans of adventure, history, or cryptozoology will be sure to love Dash and Dingo.  Not a fan of those subjects?  Check Dash and Dingo out anyway.  I bet you won’t be disappointed.


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