Dark Warrior Unbroken by Alexis Morgan

The Talions, Book 2

Pocket Books


ISBN: 978-1416563440

Reviewed by Jo




Sandor Kearn has been made the head Talion Enforcer by their new Grand Dame.  Their people, the Kyths, look like everyone else but they have special needs and the enforcers protect both the Kyths and the humans from harm by making sure that the rules are followed.  Since being placed into the head position, Sandor has been seriously busy.  Now he is on the track of renegade who is hunting in the streets of Seattle.

Lena Wilson has come back to Seattle to discover just who murdered her mentor.  There is no doubt in her opinion that he was murdered and Lena has just enough of the facts to begin her search.  Lena knows that she will be able to discover facts that no one else can because she has abilities that will show her things others canít see.  Those same abilities put some distance between her and her mentor, but now Lena is going to use them to avenge him.

Sandor and Lena meet when she discovers enough to question the Grand Dame about the murder that, by law, they canít let Lena know about.  There is attraction between both Sandor and Lena, however neither is sure if they want to acknowledge it Ė for different reasons.  Now besides looking for the renegade, Sandor also needs to keep the truth about what happened from Lena.  Passion trumps good intentions and soon Sandor has to decide just what he is going to tell both Lena and his Grand Dame.  To top it off, not even the renegade is what Sandor expected.  When all the truths come out, will Sandor and Lena have a future together?

Being in charge sometimes means breaking the rules.  Dark Warrior Unbroken has the new head enforcer meeting his match very unexpectedly.  Lena left Seattle because she could not help using her abilities to discover the truth.  Sandorís new position means he needs to keep his people out of human knowledge and make sure they follow the rules.  The road that Lena and Sandor follow is not an easy one but it made their discovery of love all that more intriguing.  It was so interesting watching them fight for laws and justice when it meant different things to each of them.  While their way to love wasnít easy, that made it all the deeper.  I really enjoyed seeing Sandorís softer side at the end and Lenaís understanding of just what their society is.  Dark Warrior Unbroken is a dark and rich story that will capture your attention immediately. 

I would suggest reading this series in order as the plot lines go on from the last book to the next.  I will be waiting to see the next venture into the Talionsí world.


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