Crimson by Ethan X. Thomas

Men in Space

Samhain Publishing

Erotic M/M BDSM Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-884-0

Reviewed by Nannette




Lieutenant Benjamin Kraft and his second-in-command Adam are on a mission trying to capture drug czar Tazu. Adam and Ben worked well together until Ben's feelings for Adam got in the way of the job. Adam was once a slave and hes not handling Ben's sudden sly comments about his inferiority well. When Adam finally realizes what is behind Ben's reticence, things get messier between them instead of easier though. In order to capture their target they have to pretend to be lovers. To make matters more difficult Adam has to pose as Ben's master. Acting as a master is hard for Adam, however it's even harder on Ben because he truly wants Adam to be his master.

I have to admit that I'm not usually a fan of the unconventional characteristics sci-fi characters usually have. Adam's feathers were a bit distracting at first, but I was able to easily overlook them and get to the wonderful story beneath its blue feathered surface. Unbeknownst to them, Adam and Ben are on more than a mission. Their path of self discovery leads to mutual fulfillment. They go from partners to strained associates, then eventually to lovers.  Discovering and accepting what they want are two different things though. Their romantic relationship is a long time coming and the process is angst-filled and sometimes painful- emotionally and physically. It's also dangerous.  The setting they are forced into creates danger they cannot escape. In the process of finding themselves, they solve the mystery and get the bad guy too.  Crimson was a riveting surprise for me and I'm looking forward to reading more from Ethan X. Thomas.


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