Commanded by Kate Hill

Naughty Nights Series, Book 2

Changeling Press

Futuristic, M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60521-135-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Chief of Security, Blackstare, and his aide, Rocksurf, have been lovers since before their appointed positions.  For years, Rocksurf has yearned for a more permanent commitment from his partner, a traditional Shand marriage—two men and a woman.  They have never agreed on a woman, until now.

Finesse was hired to determine if Radiance is being held against her will on Shand by leaders, Strongsea and Darkrock.  When she is taken and held for questioning, she meets Blackstare first and is intrigued by the scarred, brooding male.  Rocksurf is as open to her as his lover is closed.  Will Finesse accept Blackstare’s cool distance? Or will he realize that humans require true love and affection, not just fantastic sex?

The first story I read by Kate Hill was a vampire tale Disdain. I could tell back then she had a gift for creating troubled male protagonists.  There’s nothing quite like a Byronic love interest.  It creates terrific conflict and loads of angst, perfect for any occasion or plot.

Blackstare is a product of Shand tradition and society in much the same way Darkrock (from Enslaved) is.  These men find balance and loyalty with two people who prove that love is the key to those seeking acceptance and a refuge.  Finesse and Rocksurf embody the opposite by taking on Blackstare’s dominant Alpha male approach and forcing him to acknowledge his feelings.  They hit him where he is most vulnerable.  Commanded might at first appear to be a “simple” story, but a great deal happens to this trio in such a limited amount of time.

The best part of Ms. Hill’s stories is watching what happens to her sharp, spirited women and uncompromisingly masculine men.  The wonderful cover so skillfully rendered by Sahara Kelly compliments the content.  I’m certain that many readers will find it titillating!  Ms. Hill demonstrates how much she enjoys writing the worlds and characters she creates; Finesse, Blackstare, and Rocksurf are no exception.  This author is showing no signs of growing less prolific or skilled when it comes to narrative.  Commanded can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading the series for its hot, entertainment value and sexy characters.


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