Claiming Ciaran by Cassandra Gold

Outcasts, Book 2

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60088-477-1

Reviewed by Lisa




Although some would label them an odd couple, Andrew ‘Drew’ Moore, a werewolf and Ciaran Black, a half fae-half demon are happily settling down in Drew’s home.  There are times when Drew misses life in the pack and Ciaran dwells on his lonely childhood, but all in all they know that the love they have for each other is what matters at the end of the day.

Janie, the owner of Stomping Grounds offers Ciaran his first job which absolutely thrills him.  Anything that makes Ciaran happy makes Drew happy. However all is not peaceful. There is a strange woman who visits the coffee shop any time Ciaran is working. Then Drew comes across the scent of strangers in his territory as he goes on his nightly runs as a wolf.  Who are these trespassers?  And have they targeted Ciaran who has no enemies that they know of?

Watch a true love story unfold in Claiming Ciaran.  Drew and Ciaran prove that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a shifter, demon or human – everyone has insecurities, worries and the desire to be loved.  Claiming Ciaran is easily a stand alone story, but I urge readers to start with Saving Ciaran to truly savor the journey they take.  The only blip in this tale is the appearance of Ciaran’s grandfather.  He doesn’t really answer anything we haven’t already figured out and he doesn’t give Ciaran any acceptable closure that makes sense.  His appearance ends up just being irritating.  Other than that I was thrilled to revisit their world and see how Drew and Ciaran were doing with their new life.  There is just something about these characters, particularly Ciaran that is endearing.  Enjoy the world they live in, Claiming Ciaran is pure enchantment.


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