Christmas Auction by Sean Michael

A Hammer Story

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-890-6

Reviewed by Lisa




Itís time once again for the Hammerís annual Christmas auction to raise money for charity.  Marcus has been asked to emcee the whole thing this year.  Heís a little bit hesitant, but the Dom knows he can do the job.  His sub, Jim, is sure that heíll do great.  In fact, Marcus and Jim come up with a way to relax just before the auction begins.

One of the first up for auction is Alexander or Xan, a sub whoís offering himself for an entire night of fun.  Every Christmas he puts himself on auction.  Tonight, however, will be the last time since heís moving to another city the following day.  Gil has purchased him twice in the past, but there are no guarantees heíll even be there tonight and therein lies the problem.  One night a year will never be enough time with Gil as far as Xan is concerned and heís tired of hoping for more.  What are the odds that Gil has figured out they are meant for each other for more than just a night?

Double leg amputee Jeremy has offered to build some andirons for the winning bid at the auction, but when Marcus calls his name and starts the bidding itís for Jeremy himself.  There must be some mistake.  Surely his master, Simon wouldnít let anyone else touch his sub.  Somebody definitely made a mistake even though Marcus promises that the evening will work out perfectly for Jeremy.  Honest.

At the end of the night a lot of money is raised and everyone enjoys the evening immensely, especially those who participated in the Christmas auction!

This is one cheerful Christmas story certain to steam up the windows.  Christmas Auction, set within the Hammer Stories, visits old friends and introduces us to a few new ones too.  Erotic, primal heat blazes as the men in this tale continue to explore their sexuality.  Author Sean Michael skillfully blends carnal encounters with compelling character driven storylines.  As always, the Hammer Stories are totally hot and Christmas Auction is no exception.


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