Centrefold by Kris Norris

Christmas Crackers


Contemporary / Ménage A Trois / Holiday

ISBN: 978-1-907280-61-0

Reviewed by Jo




Six months ago police officer Scarlet, posed as Miss December, a centerfold model, in order to break up a drug ring.  While undercover, she and her partner Roman became closer then expected. Afterwards, Roman disappeared from Scarlet’s life. Now someone is killing calendar models and she’s being asked to become Miss December once again.  Scarlet isn’t sure she wants to be Miss December again and really doesn’t when she discovers  who her backup will be.

Roman didn’t know how to act when he realizes not only did he have deep feelings for Scarlet but also his roommate and lover, Aiden.  So he left the police force and became an FBI agent like Aiden.  Six months later, Roman is supposed to become Miss December’s lover again, but he has much more in mind besides resuming his cover with Scarlet – he and Aiden have plans.  Women are still dying as Scarlet, Roman and Aiden search the holiday gathering for the murderer, and things are getting hot and steamy between the undercover agents.  Will they be able to discover who is killing the cover models before Scarlet becomes his next victim?

The holidays become erotic and dangerous when three lovers track down a killer.  Centrefold brings Scarlet, Roman and Aiden together at a holiday gathering for a sexual magazine where the headline is murder.  The opening chapter shows Scarlet and Roman together are an explosive mix, but when they came back together and Aiden is added to the mix, explosive isn’t even close enough to what happened between them.  I loved watching as Scarlet discovered two sexy men devoted to her are even better than one, and how loving and protective Roman and Aiden both were of Scarlet.  Centrefold is erotic and sensual while having just enough of a touch of danger to keep it unpredictable and engaging.


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