Caught by Jami Alden

Gemini Men, Book 1


Erotic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0758225467

Reviewed by Nannette




Ethan Taggart and his brothers, Derek and Danny own Gemini Securities. Jerry Kramer is one of Geminiís top clients. When his daughter Kara disappears, Jerry calls Ethan to find her. Toni Crawford is the private investigator Jerryís ex-wife hired when they got divorced. Now sheís asked Toni to help find Kara. Sizzling attraction is steadily growing between Toni and Ethan, right alongside the mystery of Karaís disappearance. When it turns out that something much more sinister than anyone believed is going on, Ethan and Toni have to work together to find Kara before itís too late. In the process, the king of one-night stands is falling hard for the girl he says isnít his type.

Caught is a thrilling novel of suspense, action, and sensuality. From the dark edge of the villainís sinister plot, to the eroticism in Ethan and Toniís relationship, I couldnít put it down. Toni is sexy, smart, and beautiful. And Ethan is gorgeous. He radiates masculinity. I like that Toni didnít fall at Ethanís feet like every other woman does, but I would have eventually caved under his piercing blue eyes too. I unfortunately saw what was coming Ďthe morning afterí for Toni, and I expected Toni to feel and react the way she did. Ethan is a one-night stand kind of guy. He coined the phrase Ďlove Ďem and leave Ďemí so itís no surprise that Toni would feel played the next day. Ethan may have been acting like his usual self, but he wasnít feeling like it.  I wasnít sure if Ethan could win my heart like he did Toniís. Not that winning her over was easy, but I couldnít get his womanizing out of my mind, until his feelings for her became obvious, then I fell for him too. I think Toni still has a few challenges ahead of her though. Like deleting all the womenís numbers from Ethanís Blackberry!

Caught is action-packed, exciting, erotic, and romantic. Iím looking forward to reading about the other sexy Taggart brothers!


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