Captured by Julia Rachel Barrett

Siren Publishing

Science Fiction

ISBN: 1-60601-722-5

Reviewed by Lisa




One minute Mari is gathering eggs for her sister and the next minute she wakes up on a cold floor in a metal cage surrounded by other cages, all filled with unconscious women.  Mari manages to get to her feet; she is nude, cold and terrified.  But when she spies two humanoid type beings down the corridor and one approaches, she gathers her dignity like a cloak and tells him what she thinks of him.

It turns out that males from the planet Attun-Ru have been making trips to Earth for over 25 years to capture females.  The people of Attun-Ru are vegetarians, but beings on some of the other planets consider human flesh a delicacy.  Bad enough that the women are sold for sex or slavery but food?  Apparently other planets don’t consider the Earthers to be sentient, more like cattle, at best like pets.

Mari was a linguist back on Earth and slowly she’s learning some of the language of her Attun captors.  One in particular, Ekkat Vom Baerkah Elae has taken an interest in her and can’t believe that she is sentient enough to learn some of their words and their ways.

Over time, Ekkat grudgingly acknowledges, at least to himself, that Mari and therefore her people are sentient.  Can he with a clear conscience allow her to be herded with the other women to the sheds and then to auction?  For her to become a slave, a pet, or a meal once she is sold off?  For an Attun to have a relationship, especially sex with a human is a death sentence on his planet.  Whatever happens next will change everything for Ekkat and Mari.  Once the decision is made there is no going back.

Incredibly unique, Captured skillfully blends a sensuous romance with a dark sci-fi story.  Captured is painfully brutal at times, but also mixes passion with heart pounding action.  Mari and Ekkat are fascinating main characters with pain and angst in their pasts, yet never willing to give up or give in.  Not only is the overall story compelling, there are little twists and turns throughout the plot which makes it really hard to put down.  Eroticism, drama, action, heart, and soul – Captured has it all!


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